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ubookdirect offer hot hotel deals to major corporate brands, membership & reward programs and other closed user groups. Market your property to a growing audience of over 3.5 million members in Australia & New Zealand. Our members are looking for great holiday deals now!

3.5 Million Members in Australia & New Zealand

Distribute your excess inventory to a large network of password protected closed user groups and member only programs. Member programs include large corporate organisations, travel clubs, staff travel programs, loyalty & reward companies, sporting clubs and more. Our unique accommodation packages are not available to the public, ensuring you achieve rate protection and integrity.

How We Help You

Marketing Your Property

We identify your need periods and provide targeted campaign marketing to our growing member database.

We can provide general listing or tactical flash sales targeted at our profiled audiences; family, corporate, couples, luxury, adventure.

You can choose to have your property promoted publicly in our above the line media advertising to gain even more exposure.

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